Making Your Home More Comfortable

Ground-Source Heat Pump Vs. Air-Source Heat Pump

A heat pump is a great choice for heating a home because it runs off electricity. Thus, if you use a wind turbine or solar panels, you can take temperature conditioning completely off the grid. On the other hand, an air-source heat pump is subject to the highly variable nature of air temperatures. Thus, it is inefficient when the outside temperature are extremely hot or extremely cold. This is where a ground-source heat pump has an advantage. Read More 

Air Conditioning: Avoid Premature Blower Motor Replacement By Paying Attention To Your Filters

An air conditioning system's air filters play the important role of keeping dust and mold particles away from its inner parts. Doing so usually helps to ensure that the air that the system dumps into a home is free of impurities. It also helps to shield the system's parts from dirt-related complications, something that helps to ensure that the system operates efficiently. However, if the air filters of an air conditioning system are not properly maintained, they can cause premature system repairs. Read More 

Do You Have Evaporator Coil Icing Problems? Here Is What Is To Blame

The heat exchange process that takes place at the evaporator coil is central to the air conditioning process. To ensure that this process is as efficient as possible, manufacturers usually use copper to make air conditioner coils. This is because it is a good conductor of heat -- something that makes it easier for the refrigerant to absorb heat from the air that passes over the evaporator coils. The formation of ice on the surface of evaporator coils usually reduces the efficiency of an air conditioner. Read More 

3 Easy DIY Repairs Of Your Gas Or Oil Boiler

Although it may be summertime, it is never too early to be sure that your gas or oil boiler will be working as expected when it gets cold. If you delay addressing a problem now, even if it does not seem to impact you currently, there is too good of a possibility that you will be on a waiting list for an emergency repair later on. However, before you schedule that service call, you should attempt the steps listed below to see if you can solve the problem on your own. Read More 

Make Use Of Both Active And Passive Air Conditioners

Many homes rely solely on an air conditioner to provide cooling. This is an expensive choice. If you want to reign in your cooling costs, then you need to realize that you have two choices for cooling. You have active cooling equipment, such as an air conditioner or fan, but you also have passive cooling equipment. To reduce the load on your AC unit, you need to use passive cooling to help keep your home cool. Read More