3 Vital Furnace Maintenance Steps To Take In The Spring

Do you hate the cold and are tired of the winter months? Are you looking forward to the arrival of spring and the warm weather that will come with it? Even if you actually like the cold, there usually comes a time when a person gets tired of dealing with things like snow and ice, resulting in an intense longing for warmer weather. But as eager as you might be to put the winter weather behind you, it's important not to forget to maintain your furnace once the warm weather arrives. As you're preparing to shut down your heating system for the year, here are some things that you should be doing:

Replace the filter: Always replace the filter after you shut your furnace off for the year. A dirty filter can allow mold to grow on it, something that you don't want to have happening in your home. If you then forget to replace this filter before you turn on the furnace again next winter, mold spores will get drawn through the heating system and scattered throughout the house. In addition, a dirty filter makes the furnace work harder and may cause it to overheat. Forgetting to replace the filter now and then again before you turn it on again in winter could soon result in a call to your local furnace repair services.

Get an inspection: As winter winds down and warm weather arrives, now is the perfect time to have your furnace inspected and checked for potential issues that will need to be fixed in the next year. Preventative maintenance by your local furnace repair services is going to be the best way to prevent expensive issues from becoming serious problems in the near future. If any serious issues are discovered at this time, you'll have the summer months to save up the money to repair or to replace your furnace.

Vent cleaning: If you haven't had your furnace vents and duct system cleaned out in a few years, now is a good time to do so. Ideally, ducts should be cleaned out approximately every 3-5 years, but this can vary depending on the types of filters that you use and where you live. Too much dust buildup in the vents can have a similar result as a dirty filter, forcing the furnace to overheat. Even if the furnace isn't yet damaged by this, it should shut off prematurely which will result in a call to your local furnace repair services who may not be able to do much since the fault lies with your vents and not with the furnace itself.

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