How to Ensure Your HVAC System Doesn’t Worsen Your Allergies

If you have allergies, then you should learn all about the different ways your HVAC system can help or harm you with regards to those allergies. You'll also want to learn other tips for preventing allergies from being triggered as much as you can. Here are some of the things you want to keep in mind when you are worried about warding off allergy outbreaks caused by issues in your home:

Your windows can let in a lot of allergens—One thing you want to know is that leaving your windows open can invite many allergens to come right in. When you leave the windows open to warm up or cool down your home, pollen, dust and other allergens will come right through the screen and into the air you are breathing in your home. These things are so small the window screen will not help to block them out at all. Also, if there is a wildfire anywhere near your location, then the smoke from it can come right in, as can smog in the air. Using an HVAC system instead of open windows will help keep the home feeling the way you want it with air that is filtered and then heated or cooled to your liking.

Your HVAC system must be clean if it is to help prevent allergies—If you don't make sure the filter, ducts and registers of your HVAC system are all kept clean the way they should be, then the system can't be counted on to help reduce allergy flair ups. In fact, a system allowed to get dirty can actually increase the chances of allergy flair ups. Dusty and polluted air that is freshly blown with force through the registers can make things worse.

Your HVAC system can blow dust around off surfaces—You want to make sure you keep your house properly dusted. If you allow dust to settle on any of the surfaces, then they can be picked up and blown around the house when the HVAC system kicks on. Not only can the dust be blown around from the surfaces you see, but it can also be blown around from the hidden surfaces, such as behind pictures and the tops of high shelves.

Do what you can to take allergens outside—The less allergens you spread around yourself, the bigger favor you will be doing yourself when it comes to fighting off those flair ups. For this reason, you want to brush your furry friends outside, take your rugs outside to clean them and also take anything else that harbors a good deal of dust outside to clean them. If you are cleaning dusty things yourself and you are the allergy sufferer, wear a good mask, so you don't breathe them right in.

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