Making Your Home More Comfortable

Make Use Of Both Active And Passive Air Conditioners

Many homes rely solely on an air conditioner to provide cooling. This is an expensive choice. If you want to reign in your cooling costs, then you need to realize that you have two choices for cooling. You have active cooling equipment, such as an air conditioner or fan, but you also have passive cooling equipment. To reduce the load on your AC unit, you need to use passive cooling to help keep your home cool. Read More 

3 Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Air Conditioning Unit If You Live In The Desert

If you live in the deserts of the southwest United States, you probably rely on your home's air conditioning unit many months out of the year, especially during the hot afternoons. Air conditioning units in the desert get a lot of use, which can lower their overall lifespan. Unfortunately, replacing an air conditioning unit can be very expensive, so it is in your best interest to do whatever you can to increase the lifespan of your current unit. Read More 

Four Important Reasons Why You Need To Change Your AC Air Filter Regularly

One of the only maintenance tasks a homeowner needs to take care of to keep the air conditioner running properly is changing the unit's air filter. How often you need to change your unit's air filter can vary depending on a variety of factors. You'll need to change your filter more often if you have pets or if someone in your house smokes. In general, you can assume that a heavily used air conditioner unit will require a new filter bi-monthly during the hottest part of the year. Read More 

Struggling To Sell Your Older Home? Why It Needs These 3 Things

Are you struggling to sell your house that is a little outdated, and you want to get rid of it without investing a lot of money? Unfortunately, there are some things that your house may need to have in order to attract the attention of buyers and to compete with other homes in the area that are for sale. You want your home to have all of the top features and things that people are looking for, even if it means you have to invest a little bit of money into your home. Read More 

How To Replace The Transformer In A Humidifier That Keeps Tripping The Breaker

The humidifier on a furnace adds much needed moisture to the otherwise dry air. The dry air can cause health problems like nose bleeds and allergies, and can also do damage to the inside of your furnace. Problems with the humidifier, however, can end up taking out the whole furnace if the problem in question keeps tripping the unit's breaker. A blown humidifier transformer might be the cause. Replacing the humidifier transformer isn't hard, but you need to have the knowledge to be certain this is the problem, or you are wasting your time. Read More