Are There Puddles Of Water Near Your AC? 4 Possible Causes

If your AC is working hard during the hot months, you may have noticed a pool of water forming around it. Finding out the cause and taking the next course of action can be a complicated task. Therefore, you might need an AC repair contractor to diagnose and repair the system to ensure optimum performance. Moreover, addressing your AC problems on time ensures they do not escalate or require costly repairs or replacements. Read More 

Your Musty Home Could Be Caused By an AC Problem

Do you smell something that seems like mildew or must? If it seems to be coming out of your AC vents or from your AC unit, the problem could very well lie within. This means that you may need to consider calling an AC repair professional to handle the issue. Are you ready to make sure that your home is safe and comfortable? It starts with checking out the AC unit for signs of mildew and mold. Read More 

Air Conditioning Service: 4 Benefits Of Air Conditioning Maintenance For Your Rental Property

Most people think of air conditioning maintenance as fixing a broken AC unit. However, regular maintenance is important for ensuring that your AC unit is running at peak performance and keeping your commercial property comfortable. By scheduling routine maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs and keep your tenants happy. Here are a few of the benefits of air conditioning maintenance for your commercial property.  Improved Efficiency One of the best benefits of AC maintenance is that it can actually improve the efficiency of your units. Read More 

Reasons Why Your Energy Bills Could Be High When Your Heating Unit Is On

Your heating unit should run efficiently and warm your home during the winter. However, your heat pump may be the problem if you notice a spike in your utility costs. With this potential indicator, your need to hire a technician to inspect the unit. Depending on their recommendation, you can consider a heating system replacement to lower your energy costs. Here are some possible reasons your power bills are high when your heating unit is on. Read More 

What Elements Can Shorten The Lifespan Of A Heating Unit?

Two heating units can be installed at the same exact time, yet have two very different lifespans. This is because there are a few different elements that affect the lifespan of a heating unit. If you are having heating installation performed, you may want to learn about the factors that can shorten the lifespan of your unit. Heating devices are pricey, and you want to help yours last as long as it is designed to. Read More