5 Factors That Determine The Frequency Of Furnace Cycling In The Winter

When the winter starts, every homeowner hopes that their heating system will power through the cold and give them efficient heating. However, you might not get quality service from a unit that has received little care and maintenance throughout the year. In such a case, one of the common signs of trouble is a unit that cycles on and off too frequently. Here is how you can tell if yours has this problem. Read More 

4 Signs Your Furnace Is Faulty And Needs Timely Repair Services

Having a reliable furnace is a priority for most people. The heating unit comes in handy during winter, heating your home to provide a comfortable space for your family. Proper maintenance and timely repairs ensure the furnace's optimal performance and extend its useful life. But the unit can malfunction due to wear and tear, aging, and dirt. So how can you know that your furnace is not functioning optimally or needs repair? Read More 

Boiler Repair: A Job For The Pros And Here’s Why

If you have a need for boiler repair, always have this issue approached and taken care of by a licensed boiler repair specialist. Your boiler is responsible for heating your residential property or to aid in cooking or heating water, and if it fails, you cannot keep your home heated as usual or otherwise benefit from the unit. Your boiler repair should always be managed and taken care of professionally, and here are just a few reasons why. Read More 

A Guide To Your Furnace Start Capacitor

In modern furnaces, the blower motor relies on a chain of discrete components during startup. A malfunction at any point can cause significant problems for your furnace. The start capacitor is a frequent point of failure in this system that many homeowners aren't familiar with. Here's a guide to your furnace start capacitor to help you recognize capacitor problems in your furnace. What Is a Furnace Start Capacitor? The start capacitor is a component that kickstarts the blower motor in a modern furnace. Read More 

An Overview Of How The Gas Furnace Heats The House

A gas furnace requires regular maintenance for efficient and safe operation. Understanding how your gas furnace works can help you maintain it properly. Below is an overview of the major steps involved in a gas furnace's operations. Thermostat Switching The heating process begins when you turn on the heat at the thermostat. Turning on the heat signals the furnace that it is time to begin heating the house. The thermostat sends the relevant signal to the furnace's mainboard, which controls the furnace's operations. Read More