4 Signs Your Furnace Is Faulty And Needs Timely Repair Services

Having a reliable furnace is a priority for most people. The heating unit comes in handy during winter, heating your home to provide a comfortable space for your family. Proper maintenance and timely repairs ensure the furnace's optimal performance and extend its useful life. But the unit can malfunction due to wear and tear, aging, and dirt. So how can you know that your furnace is not functioning optimally or needs repair? Keep reading to find out four signs that you need furnace repair services.

1. Abnormal Furnace Smell

New furnaces can produce a pungent smell, but as time goes by, the smell goes away. However, if your unit starts to produce an abnormal odor long after buying it, that is a sign that it is having an issue. The bad smell is mainly due to poor combustion. In rare cases, the unit can smell like burning plastic due to electrical issues.

2. Persistent Unusual Noise

Furnaces produce some noise. But if the unit produces unusual, louder noises, know that the unit has a minor or significant problem. When you notice banging, groaning, whistling, or squealing, noise from the furnace, turn it off, then call a heating contractor to repair it.

3. The Unit Won't Turn on Easily

Your furnace will likely not turn on quickly and keep running smoothly. If you have challenges starting the heating system, it has a faulty thermostat or any other electrical issue. Since you may not know what causes the problem, you need a furnace repair expert to inspect and repair it before it worsens.

The furnace might turn on but fail to warm your house. If your furnace takes forever to heat your home, that is an indication that it is not functioning at its best. This can be due to broken ductwork, a damaged thermostat, or other structural issues. It is advisable to call furnace repair specialists to identify the cause of the problem and address it correctly.

4. Pilot Light Issues

A perfect furnace should have a blue pilot light. However, if your unit has a yellow pilot light, that indicates a problem. This is a sign that burnt gases can't escape properly, leading to a ventilation issue. If your pilot light is yellow, it is time to call an expert to fix the unit before the ventilation issue affects your family.

Proper furnace inspection and maintenance may not always prevent the unit from malfunctioning or failing. At some point, your unit will require repair or even replacement. Look out for the above signs and in case of a problem, call a heating repair contractor for timely intervention.