4 Reasons to Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

When you own a home, you want to make sure that you're taking care of it and keeping up with proper maintenance. Some homeowners forget certain maintenance tasks and then find themselves only bringing a professional in when they really need help and have a serious issue at hand. One thing you may forget to do is take care of yearly air conditioning service tasks. An HVAC company can come to your home and make sure that you're ready for the upcoming season. Read More 

Why Your AC Might Leak Refrigerant

The air conditioner's refrigerant is responsible for absorbing heat inside the house and dumping it outside. This means your AC won't be able to cool your house if it doesn't have adequate refrigerant. Below are some of the reasons an AC might leak refrigerant. Wear And Tear Wear and tear affect all parts of the AC system, including the refrigerant lines. The materials degrade over time and weaken, increasing the susceptibility of refrigerant leakage. Read More 

How To Get The Best Value On HVAC Installation

The right HVAC system can increase the value and comfort of any home. If you don't currently have an HVAC system or your old system isn't up to par, investing in heating and cooling can vastly improve your quality of life. However, HVAC installation can be a considerable investment, especially if you don't currently have air ducts in your home. Here are four tips that will help you get the best value from your HVAC installation service. Read More 

Building A New Home? 4 Reasons To Choose Heating Oil To Keep You Warm

If you're in the process of building your home, and you're considering your options for power, choose oil for your heating system. Heating oil provides your home and your family with a wide variety of benefits. Before you choose gas or electric to provide heat for your new home, take a look at some of the benefits you'll enjoy when you choose heating oil instead. Better Control of Your Energy Source Read More 

Window AC Not Blowing Cold Air? What You Need To Know

Window air conditioners are a great way to make sure that a room stays nice and cool as you are working or relaxing. It's very frustrating, however, when the air conditioner stops blowing cold air and the temperature in the room begins to make you uncomfortable. Here is a look at what you can do to resolve this problem. Coolant One possibility for the unit malfunctioning is that the coolant, or refrigerant, is low. Read More