What Homeowners Should Know About A/C System Airflow Issues

When families arrive home after a long summer day filled with work, school, or outdoor activities, they only want to step into a cool comfortable home. Unfortunately, there can be several reasons why the home's air conditioning system may not be up to the task, especially when the weather is extremely hot or humidity levels are higher than normal. If your home isn't feeling as cool and comfortable as it should, you may be experiencing a problem related to poor airflow.  

First Indicators of Air Conditioning System Airflow Issues

Homeowners who feel as if the rooms of their home are less comfortable may be experiencing the first sign of a developing airflow issue in which there are one or more vents are emitting reduced amounts of air. This type of problem can be a localized one, such as a damaged duct that impacts the flow in a single vent or a small area of the home. Airflow issues that impact larger areas of the home are likely to be caused by more serious issues, such as those that arise from AC component failures. 

In some instances, poor or reduced airflow issues can cause temperature differences in the home, including areas that feel much cooler or warmer than others. In advanced situations, the homeowner may find that only warm air is coming from the vent, even when the air conditioning thermostat is correctly set to cool the home.  

Pressure Fluctuations Are Another Example of Abnormal Airflow

Airflow issues can also present themselves through pressure fluctuation issues, such as unexpected drafts in one or more areas of the home or through the development of noises that appear to come from the air conditioning system. A previously quiet A/C system that suddenly begins to emit whistling noises when cycling is probably developing an airflow issue that should be investigated and repaired as soon as possible.  

Airflow issues that go unrepaired will eventually strain major components of the air conditioning system, including the compressor. Some reasons for airflow issues to develop include damaged or clogged ducts, ventilation issues, including clogged filters, and problems with the blower fans.  

Homeowners who contact a reputable air conditioning repair service at the first sign of an airflow issue can help to reduce the chances of incurring major system damage and the major expense that can result from it. During this visit, the A/C service technician can help the homeowner learn to recognize the signs of developing air flow problems and offer helpful maintenance tips for prolonging the life of the system. 

Reach out to an air conditioning contractor near you to learn more.