2 Signs Your Central Air Conditioner’s Blower Motor Is Failing

After noticing that your air conditioner is not blowing out the usual amount of cold air, you may wonder what the problem could be with the unit. If so, look for the following signs that the lack of cool air may be caused by a failing blower motor.

1.  Air Conditioner Kicks off Shortly after Starting

One thing you may have noticed about your air conditioning unit is that it has no problem kicking on when the temperature inside your house starts to warm up. However, only a few minutes later, it shuts itself down and refuses to turn back on until a certain amount of time has passed.

If your AC unit is kicking off and on at seemingly regular intervals, the problem may be caused by a failing blower motor. While the motor is still able to turn on, it starts to rapidly overheat while it is running. When the internal temperature of the motor gets too hot, it shuts itself off to keep from burning out completely.

However, this rapid starting and stopping will also contribute to it breaking down even faster. If your unit is exhibiting this sign, you will most likely need an HVAC professional to replace it.

2.  AC Unit Is Making Unusual Humming Noises

Another sign that your AC's motor is no longer working properly is the presence of an unusual humming noise coming from the unit while it is running. This sound is often loud enough to hear while you are standing inside your house in a room closest to your outdoor unit.

When you hear this strange humming noise, it is usually caused by the motor fan trying to turn its fan blades without success. This issue could be caused by a couple of things with fairly simple fixes, such as a loose fan belt or broken shaft that needs replacing. However, the sound could also be caused by a bad capacitor in the motor that is not sending a strong enough signal to the blower. 

If you notice the above signs, and your AC unit is blowing little to no cool air throughout your home, the problem may be caused by a failing blower motor. Contact a residential air conditioning repair service to schedule a time for them to inspect the unit and take the necessary actions to fix the issue, whether it be to replace a faulty part or the entire motor.