Chill Out And Stay Cool With These Air Conditioning Tips And Tactics For Summer

If you want to stay cool this summer, make sure your air conditioning units are working effectively and efficiently. Nobody wants to face the repercussions of running high-usage units day and night in an effort to stay comfortable during warm weather, and the results can be exorbitant energy costs. Do yourself a favor by maintaining and replacing air conditioners, and enjoy a chill summer ahead.  

Some tips to make the air conditioning units in the home more effective include:

Keep the filters clean. The biggest reason for residential air conditioning units to fail is a dirty filter. You should clean or replace the air filter in window units every week or so, and if there are smokers in the home, do this more frequently.

Ice is nice. On a really hot day, make your air conditioning unit work better by placing a bowl of ice in front of the vents. The flow of air from the unit will make it seem cooler in a small room or space.

Give it a break. Window units are not meant to be operated night and day, so plan for a time when you will give the AC a break. If the unit becomes clogged or over-used, ice can build up and block the vents which will make the unit less effective at cooling the home. This could also cause the motor to work too hard and burn out, also.

Replace units routinely. It may pay to replace older, less-efficient models with newer air conditioning units. The money saved on utility costs may actually cover the cost of replacing units, especially if they are 5000 BTU or smaller models.

Invest in a timer. Try a timer to ensure that the home is cool when you come home, but to keep the energy costs within reason. A timer will allow you to program the unit to come on and cool the home before you and your family arrive.

Make some shade. If you use a window unit, be sure that the back is protected from the sun that could be shining on it outside. Use a tarp or awning to provide the unit with some protection from the sun, as well as from the elements that could affect the unit's performance.

Stay cool this summer by keeping your air conditioning units working effectively. Talk with HVAC professionals (such as those from Premiere Air Conditioning & Heating) about annual cleanings or repairs, and follow these tips to make a proactive step toward keeping your home chill this summer!