Recently Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis? Here’s What You Need To Know About Heat & A/C

If you have been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, there's no doubt your mind is reeling. Multiple sclerosis is a progressive autoimmune disease that can have devastating effects on your body. It will be important for you to avoid triggering flare-ups because flare-ups speed up the progression of the disease. One thing that triggers flare-ups is heat. Here's what you need to know. 

The Effects of Heat on Multiple Sclerosis

Heat triggers your auto-immune system to kick into overdrive, which causes irreversible damage to the myelin sheath of your nerves. The myelin sheath is the insulating covering of your nerves, which causes the nerves to be unable to pass messages from your brain to other parts of your body. This leads to loss of muscle coordination and control, fatigue, numbness, and pain. The longer that you stay in heat the more damage that will occur to your nerves.

Air Conditioning Is Crucial

When a flare-up occurs, it will be crucial for you to get into an air conditioned room so your body can recover from the flare-up and return to your baseline, which is how your body is when you are not having a flare-up. It's important to understand that, with each flare-up, your body will have a difficult time returning to your baseline, especially if you were exposed to heat for a prolonged period of time. For this reason, your baseline will likely become worse after each flare-up.

Financial Assistance to Air Condition Your Home

Due to the need for air conditioning when you have multiple sclerosis, there are several agencies and programs available for you if you cannot afford to pay for the installation of an air conditioning unit or your air conditioning system needs to be repaired. To apply for assistance, you'll need documentation from your doctor that says you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Upon approval, a representative from the agency or program will tell you how much financial assistance you will receive.

They may pay the air conditioning repair or installation service directly, or they may reimburse you if you have the financial means to pay the air conditioning contractor up front. If the financial assistance is paid directly to the contractor, ask the contractor for documentation of the transaction for your records. If, however, the financial assistance will not cover the full amount of the costs and/or you cannot pay for the service up front, speak with your air conditioning contractor about setting up a payment plan.

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