Issues You May Encounter with Your Air Conditioner

The AC is an indispensable appliance that provides cool air when outdoor temperatures are soaring. However, your system undergoes normal wear and tear over time. This can cause the unit to give out suddenly, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. In some cases, AC malfunctions can happen in the background and cause secondary damage to various components. Thus, engaging an AC professional for a diagnostic callout is wise. They will examine your unit for defects and remedy them for top functionality. Below are some common air conditioner problems you may encounter:

A Noisy System

Despite the AC producing relatively low sounds while functioning, it should not produce loud and strange sounds. Therefore, if your AC becomes noisy, it could be malfunctioning. For example, you will likely hear the condenser rattling if debris infiltrates the casing, restricting the fan's operation. Furthermore, your system might squeal if a refrigerant leak occurs in the line set. Since your unit may make distinctive noises when a component malfunctions, it is vital that you contact an AC professional to address any that you hear.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is a heat transfer medium that absorbs heat, transports it, and releases it outdoors. However, the refrigerant lines can deteriorate due to condenser unit vibrations, hence leaking. Moreover, formic acid formation in the AC can corrode the line set, causing the refrigerant to leak. This may result in additional strain on the compressor as it strains to circulate enough refrigerant for cooling. Eventually, the cooling output will decrease considerably since the refrigerant cannot adequately absorb the heat. Accordingly, you should hire an AC specialist to seal the line set. Additionally, they recharge the system with adequate refrigerant for optimal cooling performance.

Dirty Air Filters

The AC uses air filters to clean the air in circulation. Over time, these filters may become blocked with airborne particulates, restricting airflow. As a result, the unit will overwork to draw sufficient air for cooling. This may lead to cooling costs increasing while indoor air quality deteriorates. Therefore, it is imperative that you engage an AC repair expert to clean or replace the filters for proper airflow into the unit.

A Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil facilitates heat exchange between the cold refrigerant and warm air. However, if a leak occurs in the line set, it can cause refrigerant to expand and reduce in pressure. This may result in excessively low temperatures, which lead to the evaporator coil freezing. Since ice inhibits heat transfer, it is crucial to engage an AC expert to fix the leak for seamless operation.

A well-serviced system will deliver optimum temperatures reliably and effectively. Employ emergency AC repair services to inspect and clean your unit for peak efficiency.