4 Things That Might Cause An AC To Fail

Several issues may cause your cooling unit to break down. When this happens, most homeowners often wonder what to do and if they should call in an experienced professional. If your appliance is blowing in hot air or has simply stopped working, you want to know some of the issues that may have caused this system failure. Here are some issues that may warrant the assistance of an AC repair specialist.

Refrigerant Leak

Most AC systems in the market require refrigerant to cool your home. Although the refrigerant is safely contained in your system, sometimes it can leak. When this happens, your appliance may fail. In addition, the refrigerant leak is bad for the environment. In this case, you will need to get in touch with a knowledgeable AC technician to repair the leak and also recharge the refrigerant.

Malfunctioning Fan

Another common reason for AC failure is a malfunctioning fan. Your fan may fail to work for several reasons, such as dirt accumulation and lack of lubricant. If you note that the air inside your home isn't cool enough, you should contact a technician to inspect your fan. Ignoring this issue may cause serious damage to your appliance. 

Frozen Condenser Coils 

The unit's condenser coils play a significant role in making sure that the heat from your home is released outside. Therefore, if the coils are frozen, this process will be obstructed. The condenser coil might be frozen due to various reasons, for instance, a dirty air filter that hinders airflow or a blocked drain pipe that causes moisture accumulation. To solve this problem, try to shut down the unit, let the coils defrost, and get an AC repairer to inspect the external unit for notable frost and repair it.

Electrical Issues

Numerous electrical problems might cause your AC appliance to stop functioning, from a faulty circuit board and inaccurate currents to damaged wires. Some signs that your unit has an electrical issue are when it fails to shut down, and the circuit breaker trips frequently. Electrical issues should always be left to the experts. Therefore, have a certified AC specialist inspect the unit's wiring. They will also check the circuit board and capacitor for damage. An expert will also check the energy currents in your home to make sure they match your unit. 

The best way to prevent these problems is by preventive maintenance.

Contact an air conditioner repair service near you. They can inspect your appliance and diagnose problems early before they become serious and expensive.