4 Factors That May Cause You To Replace Your AC Unit

If your current AC unit is not providing cool temperatures as reliably and consistently as your household requires, you may consider replacing it. That being said, ascertaining when to replace your unit can be difficult without the proper diagnostic tools. Therefore, it is crucial that you employ the services of an AC technician to comprehensively examine your system and determine whether or not it is salvageable. The following tips will help you decide on whether or not to replace your AC unit:

Old Age

Every AC unit has an optimal lifespan within which it is in good working order if maintained effectively. If you are uncertain about the age of your AC, check for the unit's manufacture date on the nameplate to determine its age. Besides your AC system losing efficiency as it ages, it also requires constant, expensive repairs and replacements. Fortunately, an AC professional can help you choose a suitable replacement for your aging unit, to improve efficiency.

Frequent Breakdowns

Even if you service your AC frequently, it may malfunction occasionally. Conversely, you may fail to schedule AC repair service in good time, causing AC problems to manifest, escalate, and negatively impact your AC's lifespan. Nonetheless, if you notice that the repair cost exceeds the cost of purchasing a new AC unit, hire an AC technician to install a new AC. They will help you select the right-sized AC system for your home to avoid putting strain on its components, facilitating effective functioning.

High Energy Bills

If your energy use is relatively constant while your energy bills keep rising, your AC could be the culprit. This is because your AC system loses efficiency gradually due to wear and tear. Although an AC technician may replace the malfunctioning components, your inefficient unit will likely continue to consume a lot of energy. Therefore, you should consult an AC expert to replace your unit with one that has a higher efficiency rating to save on energy bills.

Home Expansion

When planning to renovate and expand your home, it is vital that you upgrade to a new AC unit because your current system may be too small to sufficiently cool the extra space. Therefore, it is imperative that you contact an AC technician to replace your AC unit. These professionals will suggest the appropriate appliance depending on the home's new size.

If it is time to replace your AC unit, you need to schedule an appointment with an AC service for a system diagnosis. They will recommend a replacement based on your family's needs and building orientation for the desired output.