Are There Puddles Of Water Near Your AC? 4 Possible Causes

If your AC is working hard during the hot months, you may have noticed a pool of water forming around it. Finding out the cause and taking the next course of action can be a complicated task. Therefore, you might need an AC repair contractor to diagnose and repair the system to ensure optimum performance. Moreover, addressing your AC problems on time ensures they do not escalate or require costly repairs or replacements. The following are probable causes of puddles of water near your AC.

Clogged Condensate Line

Dust, soot, lint, and mold may accumulate on the condensate line creating a blockage. This build-up obstructs water from draining to the outside of your home. Clogging of the condensate line is caused by a faulty air filter that allows debris and other particles to get past the AC into the evaporator coil. Therefore, you should engage an AC professional to vacuum the condensate line and free the drain pan.

Leakage of the Refrigerant

When the refrigerant's level decreases, the pressure of the AC decreases too. This results in the evaporator coil freezing up due to improper pressurization in the lines. Water droplets may collect on the coil and ice up. When this ice is thawing, it may fall beyond the reach of the drain pan, causing a pool of water to form around the AC. If you notice puddles of water forming around your AC accompanied by a hissing sound, contact your AC repairer to address the issue since the refrigerant is poisonous.

Cracked Drain Pan

The condensation pan collects the moisture from the air and pools it through the drainpipe to the outside. Since the drain pan is in constant contact with water, it is susceptible to rust. When rust accumulates on the pan, it may degrade over time and crack, causing water to leak around the AC. It is important to call an AC professional to assess the issue and replace the pan before the water damages other ACs components.

Clogged Condensate Pan

Since the drain pans of most homes are located in the attic, debris such as critters, dust, and mold may fill up the pan. This may affect its capacity to contain the water pooling into the pan, causing overflow and spill. Engage an AC specialist to determine whether the float switch is faulty or the drain pan has a blockage to prevent water from damaging the ceiling.

It is advisable to hire an AC repair service to address a leaky AC. They can assess the system and fix the problem to prevent water from damaging other components in your home to guarantee peak performance. For more information, turn to a service such as Wright's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.