3 Common Boiler Problems That Calls For A Repair Technician’s Attention

If you rely on a boiler to keep your house warm during winter and heat the water used in your home for bathing or other activities, it's advisable to keep it in good condition to avoid costly interruptions. As your boiler ages, it needs regular repair and maintenance to improve its reliability and performance. As a homeowner, if you notice something wrong with your residential boiler, you should hire a repair technician instantly to examine it and provide the right solutions. For instance, if your boiler is running inefficiently, you shouldn't hesitate to get it inspected to avoid high energy bills. Additionally, you should have your boiler assessed by a professional if it's emitting strange sounds when in operation. 

Apart from that, there are other boiler problems that you shouldn't ignore as a homeowner, including the following: 

Your Boiler Turns On and Off Too Often

Your residential boiler won't meet your home's heating needs if it turns on and off too often. Your boiler may keep turning on and off due to broken valves or when its size is inappropriate. Low water pressure or a defective thermostat may also cause your boiler to keep turning on and off unexpectedly. As a homeowner, it's not advisable to go the DIY route when your boiler starts short cycling to avoid further damage. It's imperative to call a boiler repair contractor to assess your system and provide a lasting solution to prevent the recurrence of this issue.   

The Condensate Pipe Is Frozen

The acidic water formed by your boiler gets drained out by the condensate pipe. During the cold winter months, the acidic water may get frozen in your condensate pipe, which may cause drainage problems. When ignored, a frozen condensate pipe may burst or cause a buildup of wastewater inside your system. Therefore, as a homeowner, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a repair contractor if the condensate pipe isn't draining properly in order to prevent drainage issues or other costly problems. 

Your Boiler Is Leaking

Your boiler may start leaking if its pressure valves are defective. Age-related corrosion, rusting, cracks, or damaged pump seals may also cause your boiler to leak. If you notice this problem, you should turn off the water supply as soon as possible to avoid water damage in your home. After turning off the water supply, you should book an appointment with a skilled repair contractor to locate the cause of the leaks and provide a lasting solution.

As a homeowner, you shouldn't ignore any of the boiler problems discussed above to avoid emergency breakdowns or other expensive issues. It's advisable to call an accredited and experienced boiler repair contractor to fix your boiler when you notice something wrong.