Two Things To Check When Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Keeping You Cool Enough

If your air conditioner is running but your home isn't comfortably cool, you may be ready to call an air conditioning repair service to get to the bottom of the problem. First, consider if the temperature and humidity outside are much higher than usual. If so, your AC may struggle to keep your home cool enough in the hottest part of the day. If your AC is malfunctioning, an AC service may need to make repairs, but you might want to check these things first.

See If The Filter Is Blocked

When your AC isn't working as it should, it's always good to check the filter unless you've just changed it recently. A filter that's clogged with dust causes a lot of harm to an AC, and your air conditioner may not be able to cool down your house any longer. Replacing the filter is a quick fix that could get your AC working promptly.

Always keep a spare filter on hand so you have one when it's time to change it. Establish a schedule of changing the filter on the same day each month so you don't forget and allow a clogged filter to damage your AC.

Check The Condenser Fins

A few problems in the condenser can cause the AC to malfunction, and most of them require the services of an AC repair technician. The technician might need to plug a refrigerant leak or make repairs to the condenser fan motor. However, one thing you can do is check the fins on the side.

These fins are on the outer edge of the condenser coils, and they help cool the coils and allow the coils to release heat. If the fins are blocked with grass clippings or if the fins are bent and obstructing airflow, your AC may not be able to function properly. You can clean the fins carefully with a brush to remove grass clippings or turn off power to the condenser and use a hose with gentle pressure. If the fins are bent, straighten them out with a fin comb or similar tool.

If you're lucky, changing the filter and improving airflow in the condenser may be enough to help your AC work normally. However, if those actions don't help, call an air conditioning repair service for an appointment and advice. You may need to shut your AC down so you don't damage the equipment while you wait for an air conditioning repair technician to find the problem and make repairs.