Problems Your Air Conditioning System May Need To Have Repaired

The air conditioning system that is responsible for blowing cool air into your home's interior is one of the appliances that will experience the most use. As a result, malfunctions with this system can be extremely noticeable due to the impact that they will have on the comfort of those that are inside the home.

Is It Normal For The Refrigerant In The AC Unit To Drop Over Time?

A potential source of decreased performance with your air conditioning unit can be running low on refrigerant. If the refrigerant level in the system gets too low, it can completely lose the ability to cool air. Homeowners may assume that it is normal for the refrigerant in their system to eventually get low. However, this is not the case as an air conditioning system will be a closed system, and there should not be a way for the refrigerant to leak out. If your system starts to run low on refrigerant, then it will likely indicate that a leak has formed. Adding more refrigerant can temporarily repair the problem, but the leak is likely to return in the near future if the leaking component is not replaced or permanently patched.  

Will A Malfunctioning Blower Always Have To Be Replaced To Repair The Unit?

The blower will push the cooled air throughout your home. Not surprisingly, this component will need to be extremely powerful to be able to effectively provide cooled air to the entire home. While many problems with this component will result in the home completely losing cooled air, it is also possible for the warning signs of these problems to be slightly more subtle. For example, you may find that the rooms furthest from the unit will start to become harder to keep cool. Unfortunately, this can be a fairly expensive component to replace, but you may be able to avoid this if you have repairs scheduled before the problem with the blower can worsen. A common example of this will be repairing a blower that is low on lubricant or suffering from alignment issues. By repairing these problems early, you may be able to avoid having components of the blower suffer permanent damage.

Do Odors Coming From The AC Unit Indicate Major Repairs Will Be Needed?

Odors coming from the air conditioning unit can be very noticeable, but the source of these odors can vary. If the smells coming from the unit are musty or moldy, then a thorough cleaning of the system is likely to eliminate it. However, if there are smoke odors coming from the unit, then it may indicate that the unit is suffering damage from excessive friction or electrical problems. When this is the case, emergency repairs should be scheduled to avoid causing a fire to start.

To learn more about when to get an air conditioning repair, contact professionals services in your area.