A Furnace Tune-Up: Is It Worth It?

It's cold outside, but there is no reason for the inside of your home to feel just as cool. Yet, even a minor malfunction can prevent your furnace from performing efficiently. However, a furnace tune-up can keep you warm and provide a number of added benefits. If you've questioned just how valuable a furnace tune-up is in the past, here is a little snapshot to show you just how valuable the investment is. 

Energy Cost

Much of the conversation about heating costs involves thermostat settings. The idea is that the higher the temperature reading on the thermostat, the greater the cost. However, this statement is only partly true. Efficiency is one of the leading factors that determine home heating costs, more specifically air flow. 

If your furnace has low airflow, the issue will cause the furnace to work harder to warm your home. The decrease in efficiency will directly lead to an increase in energy consumption, and ultimately increased costs. As part of the tune-up, the technician will monitor the airflow reading of your unit to ensure it's at an optimal level. 

Warranty Protection

Some homeowners take their warranty protection for granted. There is sometimes the idea that a warranty plan is all-inclusive and automatic. However, the harsh reality some people often discover is that there are quite a few stipulations when it comes to your warranty. One of these stipulations is maintenance. 

A failure to properly maintain your unit can lead to a warranty termination, which would leave you left to cover the full price of any future repairs on your own. All furnace tune-ups are documented and saved within your service record. In the event something happens with your unit, you'll have evidence that you've properly maintained the unit. 

Malfunction Deterrence

When it comes to any type of electrical or mechanical equipment, malfunctions are never sudden. They are always the result of an underlying problem that was not properly addressed. A furnace tune-up is a top-to-bottom inspection of your unit to not just correct any existing problems but to also address any concerns that could lead to a malfunction in the future.

If you make a tune-up a part of your regular maintenance regimen, you can avoid a number of mishaps altogether, which will ensure you have heat for your home when you need it most with less frequent needs for furnace repairs.  

Don't let the benefits of a furnace tune-up pass over your home. Contact a heating specialist today who can help you experience these benefits in your home.