Why It’s Worth Paying For Quality AC Installation

When you own a home, the expenses can sometimes feel overwhelming. Homeowners can often save money by cutting corners and doing some work themselves, but there is one project with which it's almost always worth paying a professional to handle: installing an air conditioner. Here are three reasons why paying for quality AC installation is a smart choice.

1. Improper installation can reduce efficiency.

If you look at most air conditioners, they will have an efficiency rating printed somewhere on the label or information ticket. The ticket may claim that the air conditioner is 95% efficient, for example. What you may not immediately realize is that if you read the fine print, it will specify that the printed efficiency level will only be achieved if the air conditioner is installed perfectly. If you install it yourself and make a few small mistakes -- which are easy to make when you're inexperienced -- the AC unit will cost a lot more to operate. An experienced HVAC tech will make sure he or she installs the air conditioner in a way that preserves its efficiency.

2. Improper installation can be dangerous.

Air conditioners are electrical appliances, and as such, if they are not installed properly, they may present a risk of fire or shock. A qualified HVAC technician will make sure your circuits can support an air conditioner before installing it. If they cannot, the tech will coordinate with an electrician to run the wiring needed to safely connect the AC unit. You should never do your own electrical work because not only is it dangerous, but also illegal in many areas as electricians need to be licensed. 

3. DIY installation often voids a warranty.

Most air conditioners come with a pretty good warranty. This warranty should cover parts and service for three, five, or even ten years. However, the terms of the warranty generally require that a licensed HVAC contractor has installed the equipment. If you install the AC yourself and a part fails in a year, you will have to pay for the part and repairs out of your own pocket. This could easily cost more than just having the AC professionally installed in the first place.

There are plenty of ways to save money when you own a home. You can clean your own windows, do your own landscaping, and even paint with few consequences. Installing your own AC unit, however, is unlikely to save you anything in the long run.