How To Keep Your High-Ceiling House Cool

In most cases, the size of the home dictates the size of the air conditioner (in terms of cooling capacity) to install; after that, you can expect your home to be efficiently cooled. However, you may need different tactics if you have a high-ceiling home. This is because the extra ceiling height adds extra air volume that also needs to be cooled. Here are some useful tips to help you cool a high-ceiling home:

Don't Rely On Standard BTU Reasoning

The first thing you should know is that the usual calculations for sizing ACs assume standard ceiling heights of 8 to 9 feet. However, an AC in a high-ceiling home has to move more air than an AC in a standard ceiling home, which overworks the AC and makes it less efficient. Therefore, if you have two homes with the same square footage but different ceiling heights, it's advisable to get a more powerful AC (meaning higher BTU rating) for the home with the higher ceiling.

Ensure the Condenser Is In the Shade

The location of the condenser has a big influence on the efficiency of the AC; this is even more so if the AC is servicing a home with a high ceiling. In such a case, it's best to put the AC in the shadiest side of the home so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight most of the time. Just make sure the branches providing the shade (or any other thing providing the shade) are a few feet away from the condenser so that they don't interfere with air circulation.

Install Fans

For very high ceilings, the AC alone may not be able to cool the house effectively. In such a case, installing fans may improve air circulation, give the AC a break, and help keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Add a ceiling fan or several ceiling fans, depending on the size of the room, at about 10 feet above the floor because that is the height where ceiling fans have maximum efficiency. In big houses, a whole house ceiling fan mounted in the attic may be a better alternative.

Spread Out the Return Vents

Lastly, you need to spread out the return air vents if you have a high ceiling. Spreading the vents is better than installing one big return air vent in the middle of the room. Doing that evens out the draw of air and ensures the cooling is uniform throughout the house.

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