HVAC Tips For Homeowners

An ineffective air conditioning system can lead to comfort problems for your house as well as higher-than-necessary energy expenses. For homeowners that are uninformed about these systems, a few simple HVAC tips can help to improve the performance of the air conditioning system while minimizing the risk of experiencing disruptive or expensive problems.

Install A Thermostat That Is Equipped With A Timer

One of the more effective and discreet options for reducing the energy usage of an air conditioning system is to use a thermostat with a timer. This will allow you to set the times when the system will work. By taking advantage of these systems, you can ensure that your system is not wasting energy by cooling the house for long periods of time when you are not in it, while still being able to return to a comfortable house in the evening as you can simply set the timer to start the unit shortly before when you normally arrive home.

Remove Bird And Squirrel Nests From Attic Vents

Attic vents can be essential for allowing the hot air inside your home to easily vacate the building. However, these vents can be ideal nesting areas for squirrels, birds and other small animals. These nests can block the hot air from leaving the vent, which can cause your home's interior temperature to increase.

If you are finding that these animals are regularly building nests in your attic vents, you should consider using animal repellents or protective screens. These screens work by having a spike on them or being constructed at an angle so that the animals will find it much more difficult to build a stable nest. If you choose to opt for this type of device, you will need to ensure it is securely in place to prevent the animals from simply moving it out of the way.

Protect The Outside Unit From Standing Water

During heavy downpours, it can be possible for standing pools of water to gather around your exterior air conditioning unit. When this water rises high enough to get into the interior of the unit, it can cause extensive corrosion and damage to the electrical components. If you notice that water tends to pool near this unit, steps should be taken to improve the drainage of the soil around it. This may require paying to have drains installed or to have the unit placed on a raised platform. The solution that is best for your needs will vary based on the terrain, but a contractor can perform soil tests and analyze the elevation to recommend an effective and affordable solution to this problem.

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