AC Broken? Follow These Tips To Keep Your Home Cool

Keeping your home cool while waiting for the air conditioning to be repaired can be a challenge. Knowing how to take advantage of cool night air, keep out warm daytime air and prevent appliances from heating your house can help you maintain a more comfortable temperature indoors.

Open Windows at Night, Close Windows by Day

Typically outdoor temperatures drop at night when the sun goes down. Keep your windows open in the evening to let in cool air. Run fans in the windows of each room, and keep doors open inside your home to promote air flow. This will help exchange the hot air in your house for cool night air.

Keep the windows open in the morning until the air temperature outside your home starts to rise. Check your thermostat and the outdoor temperature on your smartphone until the temperature outside exceeds the temperature inside your home. When this happens, shut the windows, and draw the blinds and curtains. Keeping your home closed up for the day will help keep cool air inside and prevent the warm air outside from heating your house.

Turn Off Heat-Generating Appliances

Electrical appliances generate heat just by being turned on. To help prevent your home from becoming stuffy, turn off the lights and keep them off until you really need them. Avoid cooking in the kitchen, and don't run the dishwasher. To avoid using the dryer, hang clothes to dry on a clothesline in the sun.

Leave the House

Your body produces heat just like your appliances. To help keep down the temperature in your home, try leaving the house for the day and returning at night as the sun is going down. If you have nowhere to go, spend the afternoon in the backyard in a kiddie pool, refreshing the water as necessary to keep it chilly. If you stay on the premises, limit the number of times that you go into the house for drinks, bathroom breaks, etc. Every time you open your doors, you'll let in heat from the outside.

When night comes again, check the temperature on your smartphone or on the Internet, and compare the temperature outdoors to the temperature on your home's thermostat. As soon as your home is warmer inside than the air outside, open all the windows, just as you did the night before. Following these tips will help your home stay cool until the air conditioner repair person arrives. Click here for info on AC repairs.