Five Good Reasons To Consider A Solar Water Heater

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average household expends approximately 18 percent of the total energy usage on heating water for household chores like bathing, cooking and washing clothes. Although that number has decreased over the last decade, it still adds up to a lot of money. One way you can dramatically reduce the money your household spends to heat water is by installing a solar water heater.

As the name implies, these appliances work in conjunction with solar panels that harvest and store energy from the sun and use that energy to power the water heater. However, virtually free energy is just one of the many reasons to opt for a solar-powered heater.

Benefits of choosing a solar water heater

1. Saving energy dollars. Depending on how much sunshine your area gets, you may not have to pay anything to heat your water. At the very least, you realize a dramatic reduction by being able to use solar power on sunny days.

2. Helping reduce carbon emissions and preserve fossil fuels. Using less natural gas or electricity means that fewer fossil fuels will be taken from the earth and/or less carbon will be emitted into the air making electricity.

3. Qualifying for a federal tax credit. If you install a qualifying solar water heater in your home by the end of 2016, you'll be entitled to a tax credit equal to 30 percent of the cost of the system plus the installation. The program continues through 2019, but the percentage of the credit drops a little each year.

4. Reducing your need to replace the system. Solar water heating systems last much longer than traditional tank water heating systems, that can corrode and need to be replaced in as few as four to six years.

5. Increasing your family's self-sufficiency. A solar water heater also allows your family to be less dependent on the local power grid. Even during an electrical outage or a shortage or natural gas, your home will still have hot water with a solar heating system. As long as there is sun, you'll have hot water.

While a solar water heating system may not be the right choice for every homeowner, this type of heater can help you dramatically reduce your energy bills, lessen your household's impact on the environment, help your household be more self sufficient and even help you lower your income taxes. Contact a business, such as Actionaire Inc, for more information.