3 Tips To Help Keep Your Heating In Good Shape In The Summer And Ready For Winter

With the temperatures rising, every day you are probably thinking less about the heating in your home. The truth is that this is a good time to do maintenance, repairs and upgrades. By doing these tasks now, your heating will be ready for another long winter in a few months. Here are some tips for maintenance of your heating system through the summer months to keep it ready for when winter comes:

1. Have Your Heating Checked For Any Repair Needs

You will want to have your heating checked for any repair needs during the spring months. Summer is a good time to check for wear to parts that often wear out. Some of the parts of a heating system that may need replacing can be blowers or pumps depending on the type of system you have. You will also want to have other components inspected for any potential problems that can be addressed now, while you are not using your heating.

2. Improvements And Upgrades While The Heating Is Down For Summer

If you have been considering improvements to your heating for a long time, like adding more ducts, a larger furnace or switching to an alternative energy, now is a good time to do these repairs. The improvements to your heating system can be done during the summer months while you do not need the heating. You may want to consider adding energy efficient improvements like solar energy or a geothermal loop to reduce energy consumption. You can also have things like digital thermostats installed.

3. Changing The Air Filter And Schedule Spring And Fall Servicing

Air filters of forced air systems are used by both the AC and heating system. This means that changing the filter regularly is important to ensure you do not have problems with the heating or cooling. In addition to regular filter changes, you will also want to schedule maintenance of your heating and cooling during the spring and fall when you change from one to the other. This can ensure that your HVAC is working properly and that there are not repairs that need to be done.

These are some tips to help you with the maintenance of your heating system through the summer months, so you will be prepared when winter comes. If you need help with maintenance and upgrades, contact a heating service and talk with them about the maintenance needs of the heating in your home. To find out more, speak with a company like Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air.